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Krissy er en erfaren gitarist som har spilt tusener av show verden rundt og delt scene med mange av de største stjernene. I masterclass sesjonen vil han blant annet snakke om utstyr og hvordan han lager sin egen lyd/ tone, hans tilnærming til musikk og komponering og han vil også dele noen av sine licks. Han har dessuten fått god respons fra deltagere i sin fremstilling av hvordan han «bryter regler» og tenker utenfor boksen i forhold til gitarsoloer. Dette vil definitivt utvide din musikalske horisont og gi deg større frihet i forhold til både instrumentet ditt og hvordan du tenker om musikk. Det vil også bli mulighet til å jamme sammen og til å stille spørsmål til Krissy underveis.

Krissy has been around the block a few times playing thousands of shows throughout the world and sharing the stage with some of the biggest names. In the masterclass, Krissy will talk about his equipment, how he looks for his tone in a live setting, his approach to music/ songwriting and will show you some of his licks. You will all jam together and have the chance to ask questions to Krissy too. This will definitely broaden your musical knowledge and give you more freedom with your instrument and the way you think about music.

"Participating in Krissy Matthews' Masterclass was a real eye-opener. He explained and demonstrated some of his concepts, which break the mold of traditional blues guitar style. I can already notice how my mentality has shifted to be more daring and to explore less traveled roads. Matthews was a total professional, yet very kind and generous with his knowledge. Finally, it was great fun to jam and try to implement what he spoke about. Highly recommended."


Anders Estes Jacobsen, Norway

A Krissy Matthews concert is strongly recommended to experience. It is absolutely fantastic, both the insane guitar playing in the world class, the musicality, the beautiful singing voice and the way he connects with the audience.
I would love to go to a concert again if I get the chance.

The Guitar Masterclass is also recommended, if you have the opportunity to sign up, take it.
Krissy Matthews is very pleasant and enthusiastic, so there will soon be a very good atmosphere in the room together with him. I myself have become more confident in improvisation after the guitar masterclass.
Dice roll 6.

Very good album by the way!

Sincerely, Una Thuv Hunstad


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